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About Us

The Restaurant

Meet Stacey Hettinger, Founder & Owner. Stacey grew up in Montana and relocated to Seattle to begin her restaurant career.  This is the third restaurant she’s owned and second start-up. While in Seattle, make sure to visit her sister restaurant, Geraldine’s Counter.


Meet Dylan Brumwell, Stacey’s nephew & co-owner. Dylan also grew up in Montana and started his restaurant career at age 15. He then made his way to both Seattle and California to explore the world of being a salon stylist. He’s also currently working at Geraldine’s Counter in Seattle and excited to pursue the restaurant business at Sophie’s Kitchen in Billings.


Sophie, in Sophie’s Kitchen, was named after Stacey’s grandma. It was her dad, Jerry’s, mom and they called her “grammy”. Grammy Sophie served up delicious meals in a warm & inviting kitchen – leaving many fond memories.  Grammy Sophie was very loving and generous. And even though she didn’t have much, she always opened up her home with good food and a big hug. It is their goal to create an atmosphere like her grammy Sophie’s kitchen for all of Billings to experience. 


Our Kitchen

Sophie’s Kitchen strives to serve quality fresh ingredients that are as local and sustainable as possible, while also providing welcoming service that will create and embrace the community.

And like Grammy Sophie did, everything is made in-house.  Comfort was a big part of Grammy Sophie’s kitchen, so the focus is on classic upscale comfort food for breakfast, lunch and brunch!  Expect to see your favorite dishes, but with a twist.

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